Digital Sports Photography

CAD Designs opened its doors in 1995 in Richfield Springs, New York, primarily providing graphics, product manuals, and engineering drawings for local businesses. Eventually, the business expanded into producing signs and large format digital printing.

Presently we produce signs from various materials, including aluminum, plastics and magnetic materials. Vinyl lettering is a mainstay of our sign business. We can produce digitally printed banners and logos in a wide range of sizes..

We are currently located in Herkimer, New York, and have continued to expand our services to include digital photography, hence Digital Sports Photography. While we focus primarily on sports events, we offer a wide range of digital photography for any occasion including family events, graduations and proms, and fundraising programs, to name a few.

Bob Critser, owner, started his photography venture when he purchased his first camera with six Sugar Daddy candy wrappers and $1.50 for the cost of shipping. While as a child that was the camera of choice, and wishing he still had the camera as a momento, he moved on to bigger and better photographic equipment. As time progressed, so did the types of cameras he used, advancing from film to digital. Today, Bob uses high-quality Nikon equipment for his business, a far cry from his first camera purchased with candy wrappers.

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Bob and Kayla Critser  before a Pop Warner event.  Kayla is a big part of why Digital Sports Photography exists today.  I spent many hours watching her 'through the lens' while she played in high school.  Her career moved to the collegiate level after high school and so did my camera.